Purple Team Analyst [CPTA V2]

  • Analyses and investigate various Web, Network, Host And Active Directory based attacks by various defensive solutions
  • Hunt Cyber Threats in a realistic enterprise environment
  • Perform Breach and Attack Simulation on Web, Network, Host & AD 
  • Collect Evidence & investigate Cyber Attacks using DFIR solutions
  • Custom Rule creation on multiple defensive solutions

The courses contents are divided across 5 sections listed below:

Introduction to Purple Teaming

Offensive Security Techniques

Defensive Security Strategies

Defensive security tools and technique

Security testing methodologies

Cyber Range Lab Highlights

Blue Team Highlights

Red Team Highlights


Following are the requirements:

Target Audience

Designed specifically for Intermediate level of knowledge and experience in Red Team and Blue Team

Note: If you want to extend the days for lab access please drop a mail at:
[email protected]

community​ Version


Purple Teaming Fundamentals Community Edition

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Top Features of Community Edition:

Premium Version


Certified Purple Team Analyst Premium Edition


Top Features of Premium Edition:

Choose your journey and earn the Certified Purple Team Analyst V2 [CPTA V2] Certification today


Who Should Consider Certified Purple Team Analyst V2?

Certified Purple Team Analyst V2 is designed for cybersecurity professionals, SOC Analyst, Incident Responders, Red & Blue team  operators and  Forensic Analyst. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

Is Prior Experience Required for Certified Purple Team Analyst V2?

Certified Purple Team Analyst V2 has been designed to benefit both beginners and experienced professionals, CPTA included multiple modules which covers fundamental intermediate and advanced real world use case scenarios on both offensive and defensive operation. .

What Tools and Technologies Are Covered in Certified Purple Team Analyst V2?

CPTA infrastructure has been integrated with multiple industry leading blue team solutions, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), threat intelligence platforms,  network monitoring solutions, Incident Response and Incident Management tools.

What Is the Expected Outcome of Certified Purple Team Analyst V2?

The expected outcome is for participants to gain the knowledge and skills required to effectively plan, execute, and benefit from purple teaming exercises within their organisation, ultimately improving cybersecurity defences and incident response capabilities.


How do I access the lab environment for the course?

Lab can be started as per the enrolled candidate schedule & convenience. It does not start right away.


Can I extend my lab access if I need more time to practise and learn?

You will have life-time access to the CPTA v2 content & there is no boundation to complete the lab within a time frame

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