Enterprise Security Controls Attack Specialist [CESC-AS]

  • AV, Directory-Level and Linux Controls Bypass
  • Offensive C# Trade-Craft & Windows API Abuse
  • Multiple Cross-Forest Attacks in a hardened environment
  • Windows Features (AMSI, CLM, UAC, Applocker, WDAC, WDAG, WDEG, Sandbox) Bypass

The courses contents are divided across 5 sections listed below:

Hands-on of Enterprise Security Controls

Implementation of Security Controls

Offensive C# Tradecraft

Abusing Windows API

Abusing/Evading Host & Network based security controls


Following are the requirements:

Target Audience

Targeted Audience may include the following:

CWL Recommended

Enterprise Security Controls Attack Specialist [CESC-AS]


Top Features:

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Do you provide technical support?

Yes, whether you are on community plan or premium subscription, our support team is there for you 🙂

Do you have refund policy?

Refunds for premium subscription will NOT be provided until and unless cleared by our sales team.

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How is the CESC-AS delivered?

The course is delivered on -demand with a combination of online lectures, practical hands-on exercises, and virtual labs. 

How long does the CESC-AS course take to complete?

The duration of the Enterprise Security Controls Attack Specialist course may vary based on individual learning pace, but it typically takes around 2-4 months to complete.

What is the delivery mode of the exam for the CESC-AS course?

The CESC-AS exam is a on-demand online practical hands-on assessment that evaluates the student’s ability to perform real-world red teaming engagements. Students are given specific scenarios and objectives to accomplish within a specified timeframe.

What are the career opportunities after completing this course?

A: After completing the course, individuals can explore career opportunities such as:
-Security Controls Analyst
-Penetration Tester
-Vulnerability Analyst
-Security Consultant, or Security Engineer. 

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