Blue Team Fundamentals [BTF]

  • Understand the complete working of Security Operation, Cyber threat hunting & Intel, Incident Response and Digital forensic
  • Analyses and investigates various Web, Network, Host based attacks by various defensive solutions
  • Get a clear picture about various Roles & Responsibilities of Cyber Defenders in IT enterprise
  • Co-relate and analyze various attacks using SIEM solutions
  • Detailed local blue team lab deployment instruction with multiple investigation playbook


The courses contents are divided across 7 sections listed below:


Introduction to Cyber Operations

Foundations of Cyber Threat Analysis and Intelligence

Proactive Cyber Threat Hunting

Incident Response Strategies and Techniques

Unveiling the Secrets of Digital Investigations

Lab Exercise


Following are the requirements:

Target Audience

Designed specifically for beginners having interest in jumping into cyber defense:

CWL Recommended

Blue Team Fundamentals [BTF]


Top Features:

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What is included in the package?
  • 300+ Pages PPT
  • 4+ Hrs Recorded Videos
  • 5 unique practical Exercises
  • 50+ Pages PDF Exercise Write-Ups
  • Instructions to set-up Blue Team Home Lab
  • Get Lifetime Access
  • BTF Quiz Based Exam + Unlimited Attempts
  • CWL Verified Certificate
Will I have the life-time access to BTF course content?
  • Yes, After purchase you will get the life-time access.
What is the delivery format of the BTF exam?

The Quiz-Based Exam + Unlimited Attempts method is used to evaluate the Blue Team Fundamentals examination.

Our quiz is designed to be interactive, it’s been mandatory for the participants to look up the quiz’s answers by investigating the locally deployed lab.

Does the BTF Course contain labs?

No, the BTF Course does not include a dedicated lab; however, participants are guided on setting up their own lab environments for practical learning.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, whether you are on community plan or premium subscription, our support team is there for you 🙂

Do you have refund policy?

Refunds for premium subscription will NOT be provided until and unless cleared by our sales team.

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