Hybrid Multi-Cloud Red Team Specialist [CHMRTS]

  • Inventory Extraction and Attack Map Design for AWS, Azure, GCP & On-Premise
  • Exploit widely used Cloud Services e.g., O365, G-Suite and Azure AD etc
  • Lateral movement from on-premise to Cloud & vice-versa
  • Backdoor Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment for Stealth Persistence access
  • Abusing Mis-Configured Cloud Services for Privilege Escalation
  • Exfiltrate Sensitive Data from Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Bypassing Security Controls in Multi-Cloud Environment
  • Exploiting Multi-Cloud Environment using Open-Source Exploitation Tools / Framework

The training contents are divided across 4 sections listed below:

Attacking - AWS Environment

  • Enumerating & Designing Attack Surface of AWS Cloud Services
  • Exploit Lambda Function for Persistence & Privilege Escalation
  • Pivoting & Lateral Movement using AWS VPC Service
  • Post-Exploitation by abusing mis-configured AWS Services
  • Data Exfiltration from S3, RDS, STS & Secret Manager etc

Attacking - Azure Environment

  • Enumerating & Designing Attack Surface of Azure Cloud Services
  • Pivoting Azure Control Plane to the Date Plane
  • Stealth Persistence Access of Azure account by Service Principal
  • Privilege Escalation by abusing mis-configured RBAC
  • Mis-use Azure Authentication Methods [PHS, PTA, Federation].

Attacking - GCP Environment

  • Enumerating & Designing Attack Surface of GCP Services
  • Enumerating & Exploiting Google Kubernetes Services
  • Post-Exploitation by abusing mis-configured GCP Services
  • Privilege Escalation by exploiting mis-configured OAuth & IAM
  • Persistence Access by Temporary/ Permanent Access Token

Attacking - Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environment

  • Lateral movement from one Cloud to another Cloud Platform
  • Enumerate & exploit widely used SaaS Services (O365, G-Suite)
  • Exploit Trusted Relationship for expanding the access
  • Pivoting from On-premise to Cloud environment & vice-versa
  • Use Manual/Open-Source Tools for Offensive Operations


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