Enterprise Lateral Movement Specialist [CELMS]

  • Understand attacker strategies for moving within networks.
  • Simulate a local lab to practice lateral movement techniques.
  • Gain proficiency in exploiting authentication mechanisms
  • Comprehend and utilize remote management protocols
  • Develop skills for simulating real-world attacks
  • Prepare for roles such as cybersecurity analyst, penetration tester etc.


External Lateral Movement

  • Comprehend protocols like WMI, SMB, RPC, SSH etc.
  • Utilise various tools to move laterally over different protocols.
  • Lateral Movement vectors for different forms of credential.
  • Across Workstation (Windows & Linux)
  • Abusing Remote Gateway Services
  • Strategically based designed scenarios

Internal Lateral Movement

  • Custom designed realistic scenarios within the internal network.
  • Scenarios for grabbing different forms of credential.
  • Abusing different authentication protocols for lateral movement.
  • Understanding and abusing Kerberos tickets for lateral movement.
  • Understand and abuse Kerberos delegation for movement.


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Target Audience

Designed specifically for beginner to intermediate audiences having interest in:

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Certified Enterprise Lateral Movement Specialist [CELMS]


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How is the CELMS course delivered?

The course is delivered On-Demand, a combination of online lectures, practical hands-on exercises.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, whether you are on community plan or premium subscription, our support team is there for you 🙂

What is the Delivery Mode of the exam for the CELMS course?

The Certified Enterprise Lateral Movement Specialist [CELMS] course includes a 24 Hrs Practical Hands on exam & Report Submission in next 24 Hrs to evaluate the student’s understanding and skills in Lateral Movement with the passing criteria of  85% to Earn Accredible Badge.

How long does the CELMS course take to complete?

The duration of the Certified Enterprise Lateral Movement Specialist [CELMS] course may vary based on individual learning pace, but it typically takes around 1 month to complete.

What are the career opportunities after completing the CELMS course?

After completing the course, individuals can explore career opportunities such as:

– Red team analyst
– Lateral Movement Specialist
– Adversarial Simulation Analyst
– Threat Intelligence Analyst, or Security Consultant.
– Penetration tester
– Security consultant


Do you have refund policy?

Refunds for premium subscription will NOT be provided until and unless cleared by our sales team.

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