Stealth Cyber Operator [CSCO]

  • Red Team Resource Development [Infra Setup]
  • Abuse improperly placed and mis-configured security controls in infrastructure
  • Trade-craft development for Offensive Operations
  • Resource abuse using Windows APIs, C, C++ & Csharp
  • Utilizing Trade-craft for Red Teaming in Hardened Environment
  • Leveraging Endpoint Security Controls (AV, EDR) & so much more…

The courses contents are divided across 4 sections listed below:

Red Team Resource Development

Trade-craft Development for Offensive Operations

Utilizing Trade-craft for Red Teaming in Hardened Environment

Blinding Endpoint Defenses [Explicit Edition]

Cyber Range Lab Highlights


Following are the requirements:

* Basic coding knowledge in C is good but not mandatory.

Target Audience

Targeted Audience may include the following group of people:

Stealth Cyber Operator Certification Path
CWL Recommended


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