Google Cloud Red Team Specialist [CGRTS]

• Aligned with MITRE ATT&CK Cloud for Google
• Practically understand Google Cloud Red Team Fundamentals
• Simulate Cyber Kill Chain in Google Cloud Environment
• Target & Abuse Google Enterprise Applications
• Perform Blue Team Operations in Google Cloud Environment


The premium contents are divided across 3 sections listed below:

Google Cloud & Red Team Fundamentals

Google Cloud Platform

Google Workspace

Google Cloud Authentication

Red Team Methodology

Blue Team Operations in Google Cloud Environment:

Security Controls

Logging & Monitoring

Security Command Center

Red Team Operations in Google Cloud Environment

Open Source Information Gathering (OSINT)

Gaining Initial Access

Internal Recon

Privilege Escalation

Maintaining Access

Hunting for Credentials

Lateral Movement

Achieving the Objectives

Cyber Range Lab Highlights

Understanding of Web & Network Pentesting

Red Team Methodology

Familiarity with Command line basics


Following are the requirements:

Target Audience

Designed specifically for intermediate to advanced professionals having interest in:

CWL Recommended

Google Cloud Red Team Specialist [CGRTS]



Top Features:

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